Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Ultimate Recycle Box Scene

Today, I have a Recycled Halloween Treat for you.  I created this for our second challenge at Recycle, Re-Purpose and Re-Invent. For the foundation of my project, I used an old  Christmas that was covered with a Holly print. I started by covering it with mat Gel Medium and than a few layers of back Acyclic paint then more layers of Gel Medium. I then printed out several of my digital background designs on some orange, purple and green paper and cover both the inside and outside of the box.

All total for my Halloween scene I used 22 recycled items. Some can be seen and come can not

I bought the skeletons and skulls last year but never did anything with them until now. When I washed them, all the black came off of the crevices so had to repaint them. I first painted them black, wiped that off and then dry brushed white and a little hint of green over that. The bat by skeleton’s shoulder is a cup cake pick.  The Dead Tree is a Hydrangea Stem from an old basked of Hydrangeas I picked many years ago.

The Pot for the Skeleton Stew was a free item I found in a shop that was going out of business. It was in a box marked free and the lady behind the counter said whatever is not taken is going to the trash so rescued it and several other things. The little pot must have been used to burn tea candles because when I washed it, I found wax in the bottom and had to scrape it out. It was originally a sort of greyish white and I painted it black and they dry brushed on some green.

I made the tomb stones from left over mat board from framing.  I had mentioned to my Hubby just the other day that I wanted a set of  letter punches because I wanted to turn some pennies in to charms. Canada no longer used pennies as currency and I saved a  bunch before they wet out of circulation. I did not realize that Hubby already had a set of punches until I found them sitting on  one of my desk a couple of hours late. How cool is that, they did a pretty go job on the tombstones and have lots of other ideas I want to try.

I counted 22 Recycled Items:
Proving once again that there is very little that can't be recycled into art. :)

The Box was an old ugly Christmas box.
The Knob at the top is an old drawer pull
The Legs are Small Pons from a chess set.
The Bat by the skeleton’s shoulder is a cupcake pick
The Pot was candle holder that someone was going to throw out so I rescued it.
The Dead Tree is a Hydrangea stem from a basket I collected years ago.
The funny looking stem to left and font of the pot is the dried top from one of my Zucchini when I was still gardening.
The little round cave by  the zucchini stem is a broke hazel nut.
The tiny little creature looking at you from inside the hazel nut cave is an apple seed.
There a couple of pieces of drift from my beach combing.
There us a small acorn by the hazel nut
And there is a twig from the forest near us behind the acorn
I made the tombstones from mat board left over from framing.
In front of the upright piece of wood is a broken piece of eucalyptus which I added some paint to
I not sure what that dried round thing in the pot is, I have had it so long I have forgotten what it was.
The green fibers in the pot and the grass by the tombstones is Spanish moss.
The Wood that has Boo on is was a lark pick that was stuck on top of my Hamburger when I had lunch with Hubby at a local restaurant.
I don’t quite remember what the pods be hind the boo are, also old and I think they are from a Philodendron that is long gone now.

The stuff behind that is not visible
To make the Skeleton stick, up further from the pot, I use a lid from a dear glue stick that was all used up.
To make the tombstones stand up, I used some tiny blocks (playing pieces from a child's game)
To make the tree stand up and make it easier to glue in place, I glued the bottom of the branch to a lid from a long ago used watercolor tube.
I then glued the watercolor tube to a mini piker chip to give it more of a foundation to glue to, The poker chip didn’t have a hole for the branch to fit into but the watercolor lid did so that is why I combined the two.


 Even thought this is sort of a shadowbox, I decided to keep the Lid as an accessory piece as I can keep it closed if I want to store it or keep the dust out when it is not displayed on one of my shelves in my Art Room.

I hope enjoyed my Altered and recycled Halloween project as much as I enjoyed creating. Hop you will also come and join in our Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent challenge and be sure to check out the rest of the teams amazing creations.

We're Also having a Design Team and Guest Artist Call
 If you want come play on our team this is your chance to do so. You can submit your application through my CS Designs or come play in our challenge and add DT or GD after your name in one of your entries.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Recycle Challenge Blog Hop

  We're Having a Blog Hop!!! Check it out below
I‘m so excited, today is the grand re-opening of  Recycle, Re-Purpose and Re-Invent and we’re having our very first challenge and a big Blog Hop to celebrate with some fantastic prizes and hope you'll come and party with us.

So come on in and check everything out.

Today I have two projects I created for our first challenge & Blog Hop.
The first is a  mini sculpture/Artist Block with Edgar Allan Poe 
and the second is an Altered Domino Pendant

. The 1st is a mini sculpture/Artist Block with Edgar Allan Poe as the main theme and a little bit of creepiness for Halloween.

Since our challenge is all about recycling, there is a whole lot of recycling in this piece. The Base was a raw piece of wood cup up into little block. I have lots more to play with. The legs are small pawns from an old chess set. They were originally clear and I painted them with black acrylic paint and a layer of semi-glossy Mod Podge to match the rest of the piece. I also used a bunch of old jewellery, and a black domino. Thee triangle on top is some kind of children’s blocks I bought at a thrift store a couple of years ago and the skull is a plastic ring I bought as treats last year.  It was stark white so painted it to look a bit more menacing. I colored the skull with The Pastel line of Bic Markers and black acrylic paint  to give it more depth in the recesses. On the sides I used Aluminum Foil Tape which I glued to card-stock and ran through my Cuttlebug.
The domino on the front was used to make the quote stand out.
  All the Images, backgrounds and sentiments are my own digital designs and you can find Edgar Allan Poe on my CS Designs Store.

This is a view of the left side. To make the embossing stand out a little more I applied acrylic paint over the whole thing and then wiped it off . It stayed only in the recess areas of the design.
I thought the quote above was quite fitting for our challenge theme
I bought the the dangling bauble above a couple of years at the dollar store. It came on a shepherd hook earring which I took off I also glued the earring on upside down because I like the big round piece. I actually glued it on top of a plain button to give it more height and when ever you touch the sculpture the little bit hanging down on the bottom swings back and fourth.

My second project is The  Creepy Altered Domino / Skull Pendant below. 

 I love Halloween, because it is the one time of the year when Creepy and Scary
can be Fun and Cool.

 I made it from a small black domino I have been saving for quite some time. I have been buying used domino for a few years now and must have a few hundred, but this is the first time I every used one in my art. While I was doing this project, I painted a bunch more so you will probably see a domino frenzy very soon.  The skull again is a plastic ring colored in a similar fashion to the one I used for the mini sculpture. I did not have any regular Bails to run a cord or necklace through so I used some that come with charms already on it and glued the charm to the domino.I got a few bags of these for half price from a local shop that was going out of business. The ball chain is really old, it comes from my dog tags when I was a child. My dad was a military man and because we went over seas alot, everyone included children were issued them. I bought the little  little flower rhinestone at a dollar store about 3 years ago.

Well that’s it, hope you liked my projects as much as I liked making them. No don’t run away, check out the info for our blog hop. There are lots of prizes and you have to go visit a few blogs and meet the rest of the team. Also be sure to stop by our Recycle challenge, we have some prizes for there as well, and most importantly, I hope you will come and join in, on our challenge.

Below in all the info for our Blog Hop including the links to take you around to everyone. Have fun and don’t forget to leave me a comment

We're Also Having A Blog Hop with lots of Fun Prizes
To help us Celebrate our 1st challenge here on Recycle, Re-Purpose & Reinvent. 
There are 7 blogs participating in this Hop and 6 Great Prizes to be given out. Because we want you to become acquainted with our  fabulous new team you must  visit and leave a comment on Every Participating Project Post along the way in order to be eligible to win any of our prizes.

There will be 6 winners altogether and 3 Ways to Win:  3 will be chosen from all the comments left on our participating posts (Leave only one comment on each blog) 2 will be chosen from all those that participate in our 1st challenge and 1 from those that find the hidden ghost somewhere on the CS Designs Store. Our Blog Hop starts today Oct 1st, 2014 and ends  at 11:55 October 14th, and winners will be announced on Nov 1st. All Winners will receive their choice of 3  digital designs from the CS Designs Online Store. 
Are you ready to party? 
Start Here ... on this blog  
There are two ways to win on this blog,
 join our challenge, leave us a comment or both.

Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Invent (Start on this blog)
Marg ... Crafty Cards by Marg
Chris ... Doodle Pieces 
Chris / CS Designs  .. The store does not allow comments so to play and be eligible for a prize you will have to find the little ghost hidden somewhere among my designs and write to me with where you found him. I will chose 1 winner from all those who find him.

Have Fun and enjoy the Hop
Next Blog on the hop .. Chris / CS Designs  .. The store


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