Saturday, June 15, 2013

Buried Treasure 2013 A Collaborative Art Project

I am a great believer that life is an ever changing journey that allows us to learn and grow as we find our way and while it may not always be easy, it is always full of endless possibilities for something wonderful

Since the closing of my Art With No Boundaries monthly magazine earlier this month due to a serious illness in my family, I have found it difficult to be motivated or inspired by anything which includes my art. This in itself is a new experience for me because my art has always been an integral part of who I am and that which sustains me no matter what else may be happening in my life at any given moment.

They say when one door closes another will open and recently a new door opened for me by way of an artist named Seth Apter. I don’t remember how I found his blog but it came at just the right time and was just the inspiration and motivation I have been needing. Every year Seth hosts a collaborative project where he encourages artists to dig deep into their blogs, find the buried treasure there, write a post about it and share the link on his blog. After spending some time looking around his bog, as well as some of the artists participating, I found myself getting both excited and once again inspired and knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. Although I am very serious and passionate about my art, I am not a very prolific blogger so it was hard for me to choose pieces I previously posted which I thought might still be inspiring to my readers the second time around. Since I wanted to go for at least a bit of a theme here I have chosen to show you some of my favorite Steampunk pieces with a few other thigs thrown in.

Note:  All the links in this post will open up in a new window or tab so you can continue to read this post while still being able to view my original projects with the rest of the information and photos they include.

For my First Buried Treasure:
I have chosen my Handmade Steampunk Shadowbox which uses some of my own mouse drawn high resolution digital designs as well as 16 recycled items which includes the cereal box I made the shadow box from. Because this would be a small novel if I were to post everything I used in my project, you can see the complete list of recycled items and how I created my piece in my original post. ... Here ... I will add a bit of a spoiler and mention pie plates and roofing material.

I live in a very small town in a rural community of British Columbia, Canada with no art stores or creative amenities so I have always found it necessary to create much of what I use in my altered art from scratch or from things I find and reinvent from the Salvation Army or second hand store that are about an hour from where we live. The closest Michales is about 3 hours away so needless to say recycled items not only fuel my creative addiction but helps me see everything in a whole different light.

For my Second Buried Treasure:
I have chosen my Steampunk Altered Sardine Can. As with my Shadowbox, all the paper elements in this piece are my own designs. The wire elements are made from brass 22 gauge wire and the wheels are antique metal buttons hot glued over the end of shotgun shells. More about this project can be found in my original post ... Here ...

For my Third Buried Treasure:
There is something quite fascinating and delightful about the mixture of Vintage Nostalgia and Modern Edgy, that I find difficult to resist and for my Third Buried Treasure I have chosen a squashed Steampunkk Canning Jar Lid / Mini Wall Hanging. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to smash something into oblivion without feeling that I was really destroying something. A big hammer and a bit of metal can be such a great way to relieve stress and I think I should do more of these types of projects. My art is multi-faceted and I am also a digital stamp artist and all the paper elements in this piece like all my work on my blog are my own designs which have been colored with Prismacolor pencils and blended with odorless turpentine. The  brass circles on each side imprinted with the word Clever which the wire is attached to are the brass bottoms of  12 gauge shotgun shells. My Hubby shoots Trap (Clay Birds) as a hobby and I'm quite thrilled with the fact that he lets me scrounge from his stuff too. More about this project can be found ... Here ...

My Fourth Buried Treasure .. One of my Paper Dolls

Chris Stern CS Designs Deka Lake bc Oil PaintingI was just going to show you my Steampunk because they are among my favorite pieces but I also have a passion for silly yet trendy and doodled paper dolls. I have fond memories of playing with paper dolls as a child and the novelty hasn’t worn off now that I'm an adult, only now instead of pre-printed and store bought paper dolls, I enjoy creating my own which are all one of a kind.

 I created the Paper Art Doll above in May of last year and the sentiment she holds is always and forever, so very true.

 All the projects I have chosen to post above have a place in my heart and a permanent home on one of the shelves that line my art room. They are always within view and are a constant reminder of how much enjoyment I get from my art.

I have never really been much of a a card maker because although they can be very pretty and are popular on many blogs and challenges, they never seem to have the same effect on my imagination and passion when creating as pieces that are altered, recycled, spindled, folded, mutilated or have a spattering of paint about them. I have always loved and preferred things that are outside the box, have an original presence and personality all their own.

I have a friend who often asks me what I am going to do with a particular piece as she sees no real purpose for creativity in anything other than cards which can be given and sent to others. I sell alot of my art both online and off and also give it away as gifts, but the simple truth is that I create becasue I love it, it's part of who I am, often serves as emotional therapy and just for Arts's sake.

My Oil Paintings: Because this post is meant to share my work with other Artists that may never have seen my art before, I have included some of my favorite buried treasures from some of my other blogs as well. A glimps of my art would not be complete without my oils, so I have included two of my paintings above for your viewing pleasure as well. Both of these paintings shown above are real places close to where I live. I am surrounded by lots of trees, wild flowers, wild birds,Moose, Deer and oodles of beautiful lakes. You can seem a few more of my oils on my About the Artist Page.

And Now for the Real Thing: The picture below is from the very first post I posted to this blog back in  January 2011.
It is a view from my living room window and my original post was simply entitled Inspiration. Our lake is 12 miles long and while I do live in the toolies, it is very beautiful here and we also have the most amazing, vibrant and colorful sunsets imaginable. Sometimes when I look at our view which I tend to do alot, I  feel it is as close to heaven as one can get here on earth and it has a very calming effect on me and often does wonders for my imigination.

For my Final Hidden Gem, I have included the cover from the last and final issue from my Art With No Boundaries online Ezine/Magazine.

This one is not housed on my Doodle Pieces blog but on my Art With No Boundaries blog. I though of submitting that blog to Seth's Buried Treasure collaborative project as well but in reality I view the entire thing as a treasure which allowed me to share so much of my self and my love of art with others. It would have been too difficult to choose just one or two projects from the whole. Besides what you see on the cover of this last issue, there are still lots of projects and tutorials from past issues which you can still go and read. Just some of the features I wrote about in the Ezine were, an in dept chalk marbling, altered slide mounts, altered children's board books, oil pastel background, handmade wire elements and bejeweled and wire bookmarks and let me not forget lots of Art Tags (arty book marks). I seem to have a real addiction to these, perhaps because I also love old, vintage and illustrated books with the work of other artists and these make great companions for them.

If this is your first visit to one of my blogs and would like to see more of my art, please check out the rest of this blog and my Art With No Boundaries Ezine. You can find a link to the magazine and every past issue through the top button navigation menu at the top of every one of my blogs or through the following link:

... Art With No Boundaries ...  
An Expressive and Innovative Mixed Media Art Ezine for Paper Crafters, Collage and Assemblage Artists
Although this is a very lengthy post, I hope you have enjoyed a glimps into my world, my art, my blogs and the Buried Treasure there. I hope you will also enjoy seeing the rest of my work. Thank you Seth for giving me the opportunity to meet other Artists and Explore their Buried Treasures as well. I can see this is going to be an exciting journey with lots of inspiration along the way. :)

If you have not yet visited Seth’s blog The Altered Page and the rest of those participating, I encourage you to do so. It is an experience that you will not want to miss. Seth will continue to add new participating blogs until July 16th so there is still lots of time if you want to participate and I look forward to seeing some of your art as well..

You can find a list of other participating artists and their blogs for Seth's Buried Treasure through the following link: ..  Buried Treasure 2013

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Journey Paper Art Doll Brooch

It’s time for another fun challenge at The Craft Garden and this month we are having a picture color challenge. I wanted to create something quite different this time around and decided on wearable art in the form of an Art Doll Brooch with the possibility of a magnet. I couldn't really decide which I wanted it to be so I purposely left off the back pin or magnet for now so I could think about it for a while. I designed all the paper elements as well as the template myself so this brooch is really one of a kind.

The face is from my Little Charmers Faces digital stamp collection and the blue petal frame around the face is the Striped Circular Petal Frame from my Frames digital stamp collection.

The face has been colored with Prismacolor  blended with odorless turpentine and  nestled inside a squashed bottle cap. For some extra shading, I used the direct to paper technique around all paper edges. To give the piece more of a jewellery feel, I poked 3 holes on the bottom of my piece, strung beads onto 22 gauge gardening wire and attached them with handmade jump rings. The silver beads are recycled and were a surprise find from a recent purchase at my local Salvation Army. While my purchase was a heavy plastic compartmental caring case which I purchased with the idea of storing some of my art items in, it was a really nice surprise to find a small zip lock bag of goodies tucked away inside one of the fold out sections. 

After looking a this brooch for a while, I though she needed she need a little something more so I gave her, her own heart which she wears on her sleeve. I attached the heart charm with a silver brad.

Materials List:
Digital Stamps from CS Designs
Little Charmers (face)
Round Petal Frame
Text Background on Body … Digital Engravings Background collection
Card stock, and pigment ink for direct to paper technique.
22 gauge wire, beads, charm and brad
General adhesives, cutting tools
Brooch faster for the back.
Crystal Accents for gluing the face onto the bottle cap

Journey Paper Art Doll Brooch is playing in the following Challenges:
Happy Campers ... #17 Metal
Inspire Me Fridays ... #105 Anything Goes
Stamping for the Weekend ... Monochrome
4 Crafty Chicks ... #144 Recycled  ..Silver Beads (2nd hand surprise find) and left over garden wire
Creative Moments ... Lots of Layers (the head piece has layers and all the paper elements were reinforced with additional layers of card stock for sturdiness.
Hobby House Challenge:  #1 Anything Goes
Totally Paper Crafts ... 169 Anything Goes
Crafting by Design ... Anything Goes