Saturday, August 4, 2012

Paper Art, Great Buys and Fabulous Finds.

I couldn't help it.

  Above is some of the stuff I bought while I was away on vacation. Some of it I bought in stores like Michale's and Wall-mart and other stuff I found in second hand stores. Besides the humungous stash I have in my Art Room, I think this might be enough paper for a little while at least. 

There is a second hand store close to where my son lives that sells packages of used greeting cards  and whenever I go visit him, this is always definitely one of my stops.  The come sealed in fairly large packages and what you see on my table cost a whole $2.50. Is that a great bargain or what? This time I tried to control myself and this was a rather small purchase for me and I already have baskets full of these things lining the shelves of my Art Room. Every time I purchases these packages, I rush right home and tear open the packages. It is like Christmas and so much fun seeing what I got. I love recycling these in my Art on things like my Tag Art, ATCs and even my Paper Art Dolls, there is always so much color, texture and bling on cards and it is a shame that more people do not recycle them. 

Besides being a Paper Addict, I'm a box and frame junkie. I just can't resist them no matter how many I have.

The extra long purple Purdy's Chocolate Tin was from my Daughter, she thinks I'm a horrible packrat but she saves me things anyway becasue she know I get so much pleasure from them. The little sectional wooden box was purchased from the Salvation Army Thrift store. It is actually an old beat kit, and while the beads are kind of cool and a plus, I bought this because, I immediately though Re-Invented Shadow Box. The three small boxes came from the same place I bought the used greeting cards. and the Shadow Box Frame was from another Salvation Army store. When I saw the frame I thought how cool is that and instantly thought I wanted to use it for our Recycle, Re-Invent Challenge and with those little hearts on the bottom section, this one says Harlequins all over it.

This frame has a few little dents on the left hand side and instead of seeing this as a bad thing, as an Artist I see it as a bit of character and I guess you could also call this distressed. Besides, how amazing is that price and how many cool things can you usually buy for a buck.

Needless to say I feel some major creativity coming on in the next little while.