Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CS Designs Twisted Paper Bag Flowers

I made these flowers awhile back and decided to share them here today because my head pins got such a nice response and though you might enjoy these too. The main flowers are made from a recycled paper bag but any kind of paper, fabric, ribbon or lace could be used. I haven't tried colored shoe laces yet but think is is something that might be fun.

Making the Flowers:
These are so easy to make. All I did was cut some long strips of paper bag and starting at one end twist them all the way down.Once I had a long twisted strip, I started on one end and folded the end into itself a little bit. This created the center of the flower. After that I just started wrapping the strip around and around the center until I came to the end which I tucked under neath the finished flower. On the flowers above, I cut a circle out of double sided sticky material and I peeled on side off to sticky. It was this that I used to keep the flowers in place while I was wrapping them, but I have also used a glue gun and just added a little bit to a small area as I wrapped.

Adding Color: After the flowers were finished, I did a little direct to paper on them for some extra color and dimension, but they could be dry brushed, with a bit of paint, glitter, rub and buff metallic, spatter painted or a variety of other things. 

Creating Centers. I used copper brads in the centers of these but any little doodad could be used, even little lumps of glitter or they could be left plain. These are similar to the large flower I used on my Steampunk Shadowbox.


Bonnie Irvine said...

I love these flowers done in paper bag. What a great shabby chic or grunge look! Shoelaces would be awesome, too. Better add that to my shopping list :)

Lori said...

These are gorgeous - it's amazing how adding that little bit of color really makes them stand out!

Annie said...

Hi Chris these flowers are fabulous, must give them a try. Hope you enjoyed your break. Crafty hugs Annie x