Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Plié Dancing ATC and Ingenuity in Recycling:

This is Plié, and she is one of the little dancers from my new Express Yourself Digital Stamp Series. This time instead of using my usual Prismacolor and odorless turpentine to color, I used some permanent markers Hubby surprised me with the other day. :)

The markers I used are Sharpie Permanent Marker, Fine Point. They do not have the same blending quality as copic markers, but they are very bright, come in several great colors and do a really nice job.

The sentiment on my ATC is called "Let Your Spirit do the Dance" and it is one of my original quotes/sentiments which are also part of my new Express Yourself Digital Designs Stamp Series.

Ingenuity in Recycling:
Since I live in a rural community with not alot of amenities in the Art and craft department, I often have to come up with unique ways of using or re-purposing what I already have.  I have been meaning to add  a brief explanation  to my posts when I add something unique to my pieces but somehow I always seem to be in a hurry and  tend to forget when it comes time to post.

 Today I remembered and the ATC with Plié ,above gave me just the opportunity I needed. The little Star-burst embellishment was made from tiny scraps of green card stock that most paper crafters usually throw away, ( I save everything).  I bought a small Star-burst punch a few years ago from a dollar store and love it as much as my bigger punches. I have bought similar punches in the shapes of hearts, stars, scalloped squares, umbrellas, and even elephants all for only a dollar. Have a look around you might be surprised at what you can find.

How To Instructions for 3d Paper Embellishments:

1. Punched 5 to 6 Star-bursts or what ever shape you have, how many will depend on the thickness of the card stock you use as well as the as the thickness you want for your finished embellishment.

2. Glue the punched paper pieces, stacked one right on top of the other.  Make sure all the edges of your glued pieces align themselves correctly.

3. Once the glue has dried, you can add add color, markings or even tiny doodads like stickers, rhinestones or beads to the top if you wish. For the Star-burst  I used a Pigma Micron 05 black permanent pen to make the black dots.

4.) To give your piece a bit of gloss and more finished look, you can cover the top with something like Crystal Lacquer or Dimensional Magic.

5.To ensure your piece will not move during the application, use a piece of  Painters tape on the back and stick it to a hard surface. Note on tape:  Stick both ends of the tape onto itself , sticky side out. Make a loop so it will stick to the back of your embellishment as well as the hard surface. It is nice to do several embellishments at one time and save them for later use in your projects. The possibilities are endless. 

If you enjoyed this mini tutorial please let me know by leaving me a comment.

Note!!! CS Designs hosts the challenge blog Art With No Boundaries and besides our regular Fortnight challenge, we now have a monthly recycle challenge. If you enjoyed this mini tutorial, and make anything using this idea,  I hope you will come and show it off at Art With No Boundaries.

 Check out Plié, and the other Dancers

Monday, February 20, 2012

CS Designs Express Yourself Series Minuet & Plié

New Designs from the CS Designs Express Yourself Series posted today!!!

My newest collection is appropriately named the “Express Yourself Series". This collection comes from deep within my imagination, my love of art, personal insecurities and the need to become a better and happier person. I think that art should be an expression of who we are and the things that are important to us so I have created these designs to allow myself and others to say what is often on our minds. Most of the new sentiments in this series are my own original thoughts, and feelings. They are meant to be uplifting, and encouraging to those that need to believe in themselves more (something I have always struggled with).

 Although some of these sentiments are often serious and even beautiful, you will also find some to be a little quirky and humorous. This new series is meant to be a mix and match collection where all the elements are made to work well together. This collection is one that I will continue to add to and the series will contain individual character designs, coordinated mini backgrounds, mini borders, inspirational affirmations and humorous sentiments as well as elements which can be used to embellish your projects.

CS Designs Express Yourself Series