Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little Babushkas from the Design Team

Some Fabulous Babushka Projects by the Design Team

This is Olga and she has been paper pieces
and accented with some stitching
 Sharon Rogers

 Just look at all those fabulous little Babushkas
Sharon Rogers

Oh My!!! Little Natasha  looks like she needs some loving
and I am wondering why everyone is leaving her in the dark
Sharon Rogers

 The main focal point of this card is Anastasia
and utilizes my Thinking of you sentiment.
Sharon used a Paper Piecing Tecnique on this card
as well as did a little sewing machine stitching.
Sharon Rogers

 Dana used copic markers for this and I think the colors are very festive
The Babushkas used are Anya, Pasha and Olga
Dana Seymour

 This card uses Anya, she is the sweetest Babushka 
and all the different sized make this look just like the real stacking dolls.

 This is Nikita and I love the blue jean effect
and clip and scrap embellishment
 Melissa Oeters
This card also uses Nikita as well as my Dream a little Dream Sentiment.
Melissa has a real flair for flower embellishments and glam
and I think this one is stunning

Melissa Sackman

 Little Anya, just seems to pop right out of this card
and that lovely frame really sets this off.
 Theresa Gerber

Chrissie made this Easter Basket for her little girl's second Easter.
What a wonderful and lovely idea. I just love this.
Chrisssie Tobas

 Hey, did you notice that little beauty mark on Pasha's Face
Chrissie wanted her to look just like Marylin Monroe
and I think she did a pretty good job
Chrisssie Tobas

Hazel's Pasha card is all glitz and sparkle
and I love the colors and the 3d effect

Hazel Parr

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